Lexington, Kentucky

Lindsay’s Local Hangout Guide

By: Lindsay Tatum

Want to take it easy this weekend? We have you covered…this is your guide to a relaxing weekend in Lexington.

The cozy interior of Relic Lexington.

As a college student who’s not quite 21, finding something to do in a town full of bourbon and craft beer can be hard. However, Lexington has plenty of spots to hang out, shop or grab a bite to eat where you can just kick back and relax. These are some of my favorite places to head to on the weekends that are truly unique to Lexington.


A quick and tasty lunch at Broomwagon. Photo by Sydney Janda.


If you need something to help wake you up, something to fill you up, or just some food, Broomwagon Café has it. This is just one of the few places that I love to study and get work done. With free Wi-Fi, a courtyard with seating, gardens and ample seating inside, Broomwagon is the perfect spot to relax and unwind. And not only is Broomwagon a café, but it is also a bike shop where mechanics will fix your bike right in front of you.

Choose your perfect slice at Goodfella’s Pizzeria. Photo by Sydney Janda.

Goodfellas Pizzeria

What’s better than a giant slice of pizza and a foot long breadstick…on a college budget? Nothing. Goodfellas is the where you can eat New York style pizza in Lexington. It’s a great way to try different pizzas too! They have a case that usually has about six pizzas that you can pick a slice from. They have two locations, one on Mill Street and one at the Distillery District. Both are perfect spots to get some grub after being downtown or after a late night at the Burl. I love to go in the spring and summer with my friends and sit outside on the patio while we eat.

Taking in all the scents at White Willow Emporium. Photo by Sydney Janda.

White Willow Emporium

Ever since I was young, I have collected rocks and crystals. White Willow Emporium is the holy grail of crystals and rocks in Lexington. They have a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes, and materials of crystals and rocks. They also offer all natural, homemade products. Customers can visit their aromatherapy bar where you can custom blend essential oils. In the back of the store is White Willow Massage Therapy which is a great pitstop after a few stressful weeks of studying.

Browsing through used vinyls at POPS resale. Photo by Sydney Janda.

POPS Resale

POPS Resale, located on Versailles Road, is “a clearing house for vinyl records, vintage and quirky clothing, old school gaming systems and equipment” according to their website. This shop is constantly putting out new re-buys to keep the Lexington community’s style fresh. On Friday mornings you can see a line outside waiting for the door to open to check out what new “used” vinyls they have out for sale. It’s rare to see someone walk out of here without at least five LPs.

Getting comfy at Manchester Coffee. Photo by Sydney Janda.

Manchester Coffee

One of the newer coffee shops in Lexington is Manchester Coffee. It’s the perfect spot to grab a drink and study without worrying about paying to park—it’s free. The vibe here is so calming with its large windows and white walls with greenery. You can tell that the crew here really cares about their customers and takes their time making brews.

Enjoying coffee with friends at Third Street Stuff. Photo by Sydney Janda.

Third Street Stuff and Coffee

This is one of my favorite spots to study. The bright colors, welcoming feel and happiness shown here makes Third Street Stuff and Coffee the perfect setting. My roommates and I love to grab a locally-roasted coffee or some lunch and dessert and sit with each other to study, or just catch up on life. In the spring, you can always catch students studying for finals in their small colorful courtyard.

An assortment of scoops from Crank & Boom at the Distillery District.

Distillery District

Located on Manchester Street, the Distillery District is known to be a lively destination nestled in the heart of Lexington. This is the perfect place for a night out with friends, date night, or just a spot to get away from reality. Containing  food, an arcade, ice cream lounge and more, the Distillery District is a great representation of what it means to be a Kentuckian.

Find all things Kentucky at Relic, located at the Distillery District. Photo by Sydney Janda.


Located in the Distillery District, Relic has anything and everything Kentucky related. The furniture is absolutely stunning and the variety of bourbon barrel lids are one-of-a-kind. You can find a gift for anyone here. One of my favorite items are their unique candles…they’re made in old bourbon bottles and smell like you’re living the Kentucky Dream.

Guide Recap

  • Broomwagon
  • Goodfellas Pizzeria
  • White Willow Emporium
  • POPS Resale
  • Manchester Coffee
  • Third Street Stuff and Coffee
  • Distillery District
  • Relic

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Lindsay Tatum

Lindsay Tatum is a senior at the University of Kentucky studying Hospitality and Tourism Management. From the bourbon to the bluegrass music, she loves everything about Kentucky and strives to share her love of the Bluegrass state with others.

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