Lexington, Kentucky

Horses Filming Horses

Horse Wearing GoPro

These new ads for VisitLEX were filmed entirely by horses.


Here in beautiful Lexington, Kentucky we love our horses. We love ‘em so much, we decided to let one film a few commercials for us here at VisitLEX. Seriously, we let real horses film a real tourism marketing campaign promoting Lexington as the “The Horse Capital of the World.” Fitting, right? Right.

So, how’d we make this crazy dream a crazy reality? Our friends at Mill Ridge Farm lent us a hand. And some hooves. And a beautiful horse farm. We strapped GoPros to several willing ponies and let them do their thing. The rest is history…the first time in the history of advertising a horse has filmed an ad campaign.

Check out our “Horse Capital of the World” video series below along with some behind the scenes photos and video.

Big thanks to Price & Headley Bell, Mill Ridge Farm, Vegas Trip, Barbie, Jacaranda and Kittens Peak.


Behind-the-Scenes Video


They Grow Up So Fast


Come Surround Yourself


Lexington Is All The Graze


Come Watch Us Neigh Neigh


More Behind-the-Scenes

horses filming horses

Download the Press Kit

Here’s a downloadable zip file with assets.

All horses used in this production were with the approval and under the direct supervision of the owners or a qualified owners representative. All horses were treated humanely and none were injured or mistreated during the course of this production.

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