Lexington, Kentucky

Finding Lexington in the Windy City

Street Installation

This past spring, VisitLEX hit the windy streets of Chicago with an immersive, authentic Lexington experience. We created an epic out-of-home and experiential tourism marketing campaign promoting 2 of Lexington’s unique attractions: bourbon and horses. The engaging campaign included a domination of Jackson Station’s upper and lower tunnels, a sponsored Garden & Gun dinner, influencer endorsements & geo-targeted ads that ran in conjunction with Whiskey Fest in April. Lexington was present in downtown Chicago for a month, and had more than 10 million media impressions along with a heap of social engagement.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how we developed the project with our partners.

Why Chicago?

The Windy City was the right choice for VisitLEX for a number of reasons:

As a top five bourbon city, Chicago is packed with Kentucky bourbon lovers.

Chicago is only one hour by plane and 6 hours by car from Lexington, making it an easy destination for southern-bound travelers.

In the past several years, we’ve seen a lift in online and search engagement from the Chicago area, so we decided to cater to this interest by bringing Lexington to Chicago. Lexington is a fantastic leisure destination, but also has one-of-a-kind experiences for meetings and conventions, so bringing Lexington into an urban core like Chicago helped us gain exposure among potential meeting planners.

Chicago also has the 2nd largest collection of association headquarters offices in the country, making it a great place to reach meeting planners.


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