Lexington, Kentucky

Bringing Marksbury Farm to Your Table

Marksbury Farm delivers fresh, new farm-to-table “Pasture” to the Barn at Fritz Farm.


When Marksbury Farm Market opened in Lancaster, Kentucky in August 2010, a team of six dedicated partners engaged in a mission to fill a pressing need in Kentucky’s fast-growing local gastronomic economy by purveying delicious sustainably raised food. Each of the partners bring varied backgrounds, diverse talents and an unwavering commitment to delivering healthy, clean food to the local community.

Pasture’s menu features farm-raised meats, sides and more
Pasture’s menu features farm-raised meats, sides and more

The company is devoted to maximizing the value of Kentucky’s rich pasture and strong farm family traditions through production of the highest quality local, grass-fed meats. All Marksbury products are free of antibiotics, steroids and hormones. Marksbury partners with several farmers around the area who share the same promise of land stewardship, animal welfare and the highest quality standards to deliver fresh farm-to-table products to consumers.

“[We’re] committed to showing the same care and respect to the food on the plate as the farmers show to their animals and land.”

—Josiah Correll

In 2015, the partners at Marksbury Farm set their sights on Lexington as the ideal spot for a second restaurant venture. Soon, the company will open an additional location of local Kentucky eatery, Pasture, calling The Barn at Fritz Farm home.

Pasture’s menu at The Barn at Fritz Farm in Lexington will focus on local, pasture-raised chicken and grass-fed burgers. It will feature items like a fried chicken dish made with a few “secret” ingredients in addition to a gluten-free flour blend and finished in a hot chili oil, a roasted chicken option cooked to juicy perfection and sprinkled with Marksbury’s proprietary seasoning blend, and, of course, pasture-raised ground beef burgers as well as chorizo burgers created with superiorly exquisite ingredients.

Native Lexingtonian Josiah Correll has been tapped as managing partner for the new food stall and is thrilled to return home to join the Marksbury family.

Josiah Correll - marksbury farm
Josiah Correll

Josiah earned his bachelor’s degree from the University of Kentucky in 2006 and shortly after began exploring the art of cuisine. He has worked in the food and beverage industry for more than 10 years in world-famous foodie havens across the country such as New York, Chicago and Houston. Josiah is “committed to showing the same care and respect to the food on the plate as the farmers show to their animals and land.”

His vast knowledge of food production spans across all aspects of the kitchen from managing employees, to maintaining financial accounts, to creating unforgettable experiences for guests through private dining events, and more. Josiah stepped into the Marksbury spotlight as a restaurant consultant in May 2016 and added general manager of Pasture at The Barn at Fritz Farm to his impressive resume earlier this year.

The Pasture team is excited to join the local food hall and feels “proud and humbled to be included with the incredible talent that will reside in The Barn at Fritz Farm.”

Since the inception of Marksbury Farm, the company has grown from a small cold-calling operation to now more than 40 employees who help sustain the 1,200 acres of land and distribute food supplies to nearly 100 restaurants and stores across Lexington, Louisville, Cincinnati and Nashville.

Transparency and traceability are two of the most important pillars of Marksbury’s farming and business philosophy. Meaning? For all Marksbury branded products, animals are raised and processed in a system that can be seen through all stages from the farm to the final packaging. The small scale of production also enables consumers to understand the life history of each pound of meat purchased and the team even invites guests to visit the farm to check out the process prior to buying meats. At Marksbury Farm, you can be assured that you get what you pay for each and every time.

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