Lexington, Kentucky

50 Reasons Why Lexington, KY is the Best Place in America to Grab a Drink

Lexington is the Best Place in America to Grab a Drink and Here’s Why…

Bluegrass Tavern

1. Lexington is smack dab in the middle of true blue Bourbon Country, with nine world-famous bourbon distilleries within 30 minutes of downtown.
2. Bourbon is America’s Native Spirit, so we’re patriotic by default.
3. There are over 5 million barrels of bourbon aging in Kentucky at any given moment. And only 300,000 people in Lexington.
4. 95 percent of the world’s bourbon is made in Kentucky.
5. You could technically try a new bourbon every day of the year.
6. You can grab a drink while watching Thoroughbred racehorses racing just a few feet away from you at the historic Keeneland Race Course.
7. We’re a college town, which also means we’re a great party town.
8. It’s the ideal home base to explore the world-famous Kentucky Bourbon Trail.
9. You can explore our exploding craft beer scene on the “Brewgrass Trail,” a trail featuring 11 fantastic local and regional craft breweries.

best place to grab a drink
The Brewgrass Trail

10. …That’s right, we have a bourbon trail AND a beer trail. Where else in America can you find two drinking trails?
11. Pretty much every bar here is a bourbon bar.
12. But if you don’t like bourbon, rum, vodka and moonshine are distilled here, too.
13. And unlike many major cities, a great cocktail won’t cost you an arm and a leg.
14. Our locals aren’t obnoxious or pretentious. Get ready for some good old fashioned Southern Charm. Also good Old Fashioneds.
15. You can grab a drink in a beer garden. No, really – an actual garden. We’re talking greenhouses and flowers. And beer. It’s called Kentucky Native Cafe. Go there.
16. West Sixth Brewery offers free yoga every week! You can grab a drink whilst doing yoga in a brewery. How’s that for multi-tasking?
17. You can drink in the beauty of the “Horse Capital of the World.” While you’re here, take in the real fresh air. Not that fake air you’ll find in Las Vegas. Or that dirty air you’ll find in New York or Los Angeles.
18. Marikka’s Restaurant & Bier Stube offers over 700 different types of beer!

Country Boy Brewing

19. Lexington is home to some of the most creative beers you’ll ever taste. How ‘bout a Country Boy Jalapeno Porter, or The Original Bourbon Barrel Ale?
20. We’re only a short drive to more than a dozen wineries.
21. Including the first commercial winery in the U.S. located in Nicholasville, Kentucky – only 10 minutes from Lexington.
22. And, our famous Limestone water that’s so integral to the bourbon process is also evident in the grapes we grow.
23. Even our coffee is bourbon-barrel aged.
24. Local bourbon watering hole Bluegrass Tavern, known to locals as “BGT,” has over 300 kinds of bourbons.
25. Our patio game is strong. Perfect for sipping bourbon while viewing killer sunsets.
26. You can sip bourbon and listen to the best Bluegrass bands in Kentucky during the Festival of the Bluegrass.
27. We have awesome street-art. Drink some bourbon and then go have a conversation with the world’s largest Abe Lincoln mural.

OBC Kitchen
Old Bourbon County Kitchen

28. In terms of our bar scene, we’ve got a little bit of everything: the fancy, the hole-in-the-wall, the local/friendly, the weird.
29. Our city’s livelihood was built on bourbon and horse racing – two of our favorite things are gambling and drinking.
30. And if you know how to pick ‘em, your drink might be free.
31. If you’re new to bourbon, we have knowledgeable bartenders everywhere you go to steer you in the right direction.
32. The people here are nice, welcoming and hospitable. All of them.
33. We know how to throw a great party…and we know how to celebrate (The University of Kentucky Men’s Basketball team has won 8 National Championships).
34. We get down for good festivals. Noli Night Market, Crave, Thursday Night Live and more.
35. You can grab a drink and play some good old fashioned arcade games at Arcadium.
36. New Orleans has a Bourbon Street. We have a whole Bourbon Country right next door.
37. We tailgate for EVERYTHING. Football games, Keeneland, Steeplechases, picnics, Tuesdays…
38. We put bourbon in everything. Bread pudding, pork chops, ice cream donuts, burgers, Bloody Mary’s, BBQ, candy, beer, coffee…

Wine + Market
Wine + Market

39. Local wine shop Wine + Market was named one of the best Wine Shops in America by Imbibe Magazine.
40. In our Distillery District, you can literally sit by a fire, eat from a food truck or a restaurant, tour a bourbon distillery, sip craft beer, play darts and cornhole, walk your dog, listen to live music and eat ice cream without having to drive to a second location.
41. A Kentucky Hot Brown is the ultimate cure for a hangover.
42. …And if that doesn’t do the trick, have a Bloody Mary with ingredients so fresh, you’ll think it was grown in a field.
43. Lexington is a USA Today “Top 10 Bucket List Destination.” We’ll toast to that.

Woodford Reserve

44. Bourbon is a $3 billion signature industry in Kentucky, generating 15,400 jobs with an annual payroll of $707 million.
45. “Lexington is the bourbon destination you need to know about” – Condé Nast Traveler
46. There are roughly 296,800,000 gallons of bourbon in Kentucky. That’s really close to providing every person in America with a gallon of bourbon.
47. Kentuckians drink 144% more whisky per capita than the rest of the United States of America.
48. West Sixth Brewing has a running club and we also have an annual 200-mile relay running race called the Bourbon Chase. We take our drinking and our health seriously.
49. Drinking pairs well with great stories. Lexington is considered the literary capital of mid-America.

50. The Proof is in the bourbon.

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