Lexington, Kentucky

Raising the Barn

By: Josh Johnson

Louisville blogger Josh Johnson explores Kentucky’s first food hall.

The Barn at the Summit

Their all-local, all-independent lineup of restaurateurs are creating a new food mecca in the fair city of Lexington.


A visit to Lexington isn’t complete for this Louisville boy without a stop at The Summit at Fritz Farm for a little shopping and a lot of eating. Which just got a lot more entertaining and appealing with their latest addition, The Barn.

The Barn is Kentucky’s first artisanal food hall, and it brings together the best of Lexington’s culinary scene in the heart of this new and thriving development.

Atomic Ramen at the Barn
Atomic Ramen at the Barn
Crank and Boom at the Barn
Crank and Boom at the Barn

Complete with craft ice cream from Crank & Boom, pasture-raised fried chicken from Pasture by Marksbury Farms, and Japanese ramen from Atomic Ramen and authentic Greek cuisine from Athenian Grill. Not to mention they’ve included several local favorites like Smithtown Seafood and Kentucky for Kentucky in the roster as well.

So after you make a lap around your favorite stores, like Bonobos, Warby Parker, and Marine Layer, swing into The Barn for delicious eats and cozy up to the bar at Whiskey Bear.

Josh Johnson

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