Lexington, Kentucky

Bet You Can’t Visit Lexington Without Saying “Oh Look. Horses.”

Oh Look. Horses.

Remember a few months back when we let a few horses film an ad campaign for VisitLEX? Pretty awesome, right? Well, good news! Our horses are back. And this time, we’ve created a fun video inspired by an internet meme:

“I wish horses knew that every person who drives by them says, Oh look. Horses.”

—The Glad Stork


So true, isn’t it? Have you ever driven by a field of horses without saying “Oh look. Horses?” Because we haven’t. And with over 450 beautiful horse farms and scenic Horse Country roads surrounding Lexington, we’re pretty much saying “Oh look. Horses” all the time. So, we put together this video celebrating the Horse Capital of the World with a simple message to travelers:

Bet you can’t visit Lexington, Kentucky without saying “Oh look. Horses.”


Check out our video below and come take the challenge for yourself in Lexington.